Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Zou Bisou Bisou

"Zou Bisou Bisou" or "Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo" is a 1960 single that was Gillian Hills' first single that summer[1] and is a single released following its performance on the March 25, 2012 Mad Men'season 5 premiere episode "A Little Kiss" on the AMC ChannelJessica Paré performed the song on the show as Megan Draper. The French recording was produced by George Martin and sung in English by Sophia Loren.[2] Loren performed her version, which was titled "Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo", inThe Millionairess.[1] Several sources state that Hills did not produce her version until 1961, after Loren's October 1960 movie,[2] including a posting at AMC's website.[3] Roughly translated from French to English Zou Bisou Bisou means Oh! Kiss Kiss.[1]

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